Modern Mahjong

Begin with a beautiful roll.

Modern Mahjong, a two women-owned business created by Dara Collins and Donna Miller Kassman began with a beautiful roll by creating Mahjong Dice™ to complement the beauty and symbols of vintage and modern mahjong tiles. Dara and Donna are two friends that have played mahjong together in South Florida for over ten years. After the incredible response to their Mahjong Dice™ on their website, they have expanded to include other mahjong products, gifts, and accessories including their Limited Edition Replica Black Enrobed Mahjong set with an option to order custom Jokers, custom or blank I ?? MAH JONGG PROPERTY OF acrylic discs, mahjong-themed pet toys, a Commemorative 2020 gold plated brass keychain charm, an East Wind indicator, and a versatile scarf/headband/gaiter style mask. Since everything old is new again, Modern Mahjong introduced Mahjong Dice™ designs on vintage Bakelite and also offers vintage mahjong sets for purchase. To help members stay connected over the last year, they have been hosting monthly virtual mahjong tournaments and informative mahjong-themed Zoom talks and events. For details and to register for the tournaments and Zoom events, visit or email Dara and Donna at for more information