Fern Bernstein

Fern Bernstein was lured to the tiles eight years ago on a hot summer day sitting pool side. She saw some ladies sitting at a nearby table playing mah jongg. She noticed them laughing, smiling and having fun. She turned to her friends and asked, “Hey, do you want to learn how to play mah jongg?” As they say…the rest is history. Fern was hooked and became part of the mah jongg craze sweeping Long Island in New York state. Mah jongg is so much more than just a game. It affected Fern in such a meaningful way she wrote Mah Jongg Mondays, a memoir about friendship, faith and love. Fern’s love extended beyond the written word as she launched her podcast Mah Jongg Mondays in March of 2020, spreading her love of all things mah jongg related to eager listeners across the country and in twenty countries worldwide. Fern lives in Long Island with her husband and three sons.

You can connect with Fern through her website,

Barney Gallassio

Barney is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and currently residing in Bergen County, New Jersey right outside of New York City.  Barney is an avid mah jongg player, instructor, and collector!  He also runs 80-person tournaments in Manhattan. With his energy and passion for the game, anyone in the audience is in for a treat!

You can connect with Barney on Facebook

Gladys Grad

Gladys is a dearly loved community leader who hosts American mah jongg tournaments nationwide. Through her business, Mah Jongg Madness, she has standardized tournament rules over the course of nearly 3 decades and is responsible for the latest in the evolution of the game by offering Mah Jongg Master Points. In 2015, Gladys invented a 2-player version of American mah jongg called, “Siamese Mah Jongg (R)”. Following the initial success of Siamese Mah Jong (R), Royale Siamese Mah Jongg (R) was introduced for 3 and 4 handed games. Siamese Mah Jongg (R) currently is being played in 30 countries.

You can contact Gladys through her website,