ID10-Important Rules for Bettors

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ID10-Important Rules for Bettors

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Question: What are the rules for bettors?

Answer: The rules for bettors are as follows:

  1. Once the Charleston is over, the fifth player chooses the player they think is most likely to win. The bet can be cast on a betting device (often included with most sets) or written down on a blank sheet of paper.
  2. A bettor can bet on a wall game if they believe there will be no winner. If they win the bet, they are paid the lowest value on the card by all players.
  3. The bettor receives the same winning value as the player they bet on.
  4. If the bettor did not bet on the winning player, they pay the same penalty to the winner.
  5. The bettor is strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of communication or interference during an ongoing game. Once a bet is placed, it cannot be modified or changed in any way. If a bettor engages in activities such as disclosing a bet, discussing a player’s hand, or making comments on a player’s hand during the game, their bet is canceled.  As a consequence, the bettor is required to pay the appropriate amount to the winner at the end of the game.
  6. The bettor is entitled even if they are sitting with the winning hand (earthly hand) prior to the game commencing.

Sources: Mah Jongg Made Easy 2024, pg. 25, #1-9

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