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ID138-Joker Bait

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Question: What exactly is Joker Bait?

Answer: Joker Bait is a strategy that can provide an opportunity for you to do a Joker exchange. The term was coined by Tom Sloper of  Sloperama. Joker Bait doesn’t always work but when it does, you’ve just strategically gained a Joker.

Here’s how Joker Bait works:

  • Keep a pair that you’ve obtained during the game that you don’t need.
  • Discard one tile from the pair approximately half-way through the game or after the completion of two full walls (depending on what’s going on with discards and other’s exposures, you might be able to wait a bit longer.
  • If a player is using one of the pair, the goal is that they will need to call the tile for an exposure and put it up with Joker.
  • When it’s your turn again, you get to use the other tile from the pair to do a Joker exchange.


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