ID136-Optional Across Pass Strategy

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ID136-Optional Across Pass Strategy

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Question: I’ve been told not to do an Optional Across Pass with a Player who has stopped the Charleston. Can you tell me why?

Answer: If a player has stopped the passing after the first Charleston (passes 1, 2 & 3), it is not wise to pass them any tiles during the Optional Across Pass. If someone stops the Charleston for the right reasons, such as not having 3 tiles to pass or having a great hand and needing to keep a pair on the second left, then you wouldn’t want to take a chance and give them one more tile toward completing their hand.

I’ve often heard newer players say, “I think it is rude to say no to the Optional Across Pass” or “I am embarrassed to decline.” Refusing to do the Optional Across under the circumstances described above is good strategy and has nothing to do with being rude or embarrassed, so fret not about making a smart choice!

(Also see https://mahjcon.com/mahjpedia/id20)

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