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ID178-Pay(s) for Table

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Question: What situations during the game would cause a player to pay for the entire table?

Answer: Four specific circumstances exist in the game that result in a player having to pay for the entire table:

  1. When the wrong wall is pushed out during play, and a player declares Mah Jongg, the one who pushed their wall out of sequence pays for the table.
  2. If a player mistakenly picks from the wrong end of the wall, discards a tile, and another player declares Mah Jongg on that discard, the player who picked from the wrong end is responsible for paying for the table.
  3. In the event a player picks out of turn, makes a discard, and that discard leads to another player declaring Mah Jongg, the player who picked out of turn is responsible for paying for the table.
  4. If a misnamed tile is needed for Mah Jongg, the player is entitled to the win and the player who misnamed the tile is responsible for paying for the table.

Source: Answers 1-3, Mah Jongg Made Easy 2023 Edition, pg. 22, #20(b), 21(c) & 22., Answer 4, pg. 19, #6a & b and the back of the NMJL Card.

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