ID27-Tables Used for Playing Mah Jongg

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ID27-Tables Used for Playing Mah Jongg

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Question: What type of table is best to use when playing Mah Jongg?

Answer: Square card tables range from 34″ to 42″, with the 36″ to 40″ range being the most most common size used to play Mah Jongg. The larger table can more comfortably fit tiles and racks with room enough for one’s money purse. When using a smaller table, consider using side tables or TV trays on opposite corners of the table for drinks, snacks and money purses. Round tables between 36″ to 42″ also work out fine and are commonly found in kitchens of private homes or even club houses.

Today, there is also a growing popularity of automatic Mah Jongg tables.

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