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ID46-Always Read What’s in Parentheses

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Question: Why is it important to read what’s typed in the parentheses next to a hand on the card?

Answer: What is shown in parentheses can change the way a hand is played. The wording in parentheses can be looked at like an amendment to the hand. Let’s take the second hand down on the 2023 card, under the category 2,4,6,8. If there was no parentheses after that hand, you would be required to use 2’s only for the Kongs. With the inclusion of the parentheses and the typed wording, “Any 3 Suits, Kongs Any Like Even Nos”, you can now use either 2’s, 4’s, 6’s or 8’s. This rule is not found in Mah Jongg Made Easy. See example below:

Example from 2023 card line 2: 22 46 88 4444 4444 

Source:   National Mah Jongg League Website FAQ 

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