ID67-Mah Jongg Sets 101

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ID67-Mah Jongg Sets 101

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Question: What comes with an American Mah Jongg set?

Answer: An American Mah Jongg set typically consists of:

  • 152 tiles
  • 4 of each Dragon (White, Red and Green)
  • 4 of each Wind (North, East, West & South)
  • 8 Flowers, 8 Jokers and 1-9 of the 3 Suits (Bams, Dots & Craks)
  • Racks (Racks may come with or without pushers and some racks have a pusher built-in)
  • A betting device
  • Extra Flowers
  • Extra Jokers
  • Blank tiles (can be used as substitutes for lost or damaged tiles. Most people print stickers to put on replacement tiles or send them out to be engraved)
  • Dice
  • A condensed instruction manual


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