ID66-Steps When Doing a Joker Exchange

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ID66-Steps When Doing a Joker Exchange

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Question: Is there a process to doing a Joker Exchange?

Answer: Here are the steps for proper etiquette during a Joker Exchange from another player’s rack:

  1. Pick a tile from the wall before performing your Joker Exchange.
  2. Announce your Joker Exchange to the receiving player by asking politely, “May I have your Joker please?”
  3. Hand your natural tile to the receiving player and let them hand the Joker back to you. This is often referred to as a “hand-to-hand” exchange. If a player does not announce their Joker exchange and the tile touches the table, it is considered a discard and the Joker can no longer be exchanged. 

Sources:  Mah Jongg Made Easy 2024, pg. 24, #13 and page 19,(b)

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