ID74-Naming a Discarded Joker 

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ID74-Naming a Discarded Joker 

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Question: Why isn’t it preferred to name a Joker, “Joker” when discarding it?

Answer: From the “beginning game” to before the “end game”, naming a Joker, “Joker” when discarding it, would naturally bring attention to it. It is acceptable to discard a Joker and name it the previously discarded tile regardless of how many tiles you can account for. It is also acceptable to name a Joker, “same”.  When using either of these names, if a player(s) are engrossed in their own hand and not watching the table, they might later notice a Joker in the center of the table and wonder who discarded it.    

Source:  Mah Jongg Made Easy 2020 page 23 #12


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