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ID110-Changing an Exposure

Question: What are the scenarios for changing an exposure before I discard? Answer: Below are the two scenarios during which you can change an exposure PRIOR discarding: Scenario 1: If a player inadvertently exposes the wrong number of tiles or exposes too many jokers, they can add to or take away from the current exposure as […]
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ID41-Any Number of Jokers in an Exposure

Question: Is there a limit on how many Jokers I can use in an exposure? Answer: There is no limit as to how many Jokers may be used to complete an exposure or use in your hand to complete a Pung, Kong, Quint or Sextet. For example, a Pung of 1 Dots can be a […]
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ID29-Order of Exposures

Question: Should I put my exposures in the same order as the hand I am playing? Answer: There is no rule about placing exposures in the order of the hand as shown on the card, however, strategically it is best not to. When a player declares Mah Jongg, the exposures should be rearranged to match […]
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