Tag: <span>Exposures</span>

ID110-Changing or Amending an Exposure

Question: What is the rule for changing an exposure before I discard? Answer: If a player inadvertently exposes the wrong number of tiles or exposes too many jokers, they can add to or take away from the current exposure as long as they have not discarded. In other words, you can change a Pung to […]
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ID41-Any Number of Jokers in an Exposure

Question: Is there a limit on how many Jokers I can use in an exposure? Answer: There is no limit as to how many Jokers may be used to complete an exposure or use in your hand to complete a Pung, Kong, Quint or Sextet. For example, a Pung of 1 Dots can be a […]
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ID29-Order of Exposures

Question: Should I put my exposures in the same order as the hand I am playing? Answer: There is no rule about placing exposures in the order of the hand as shown on the card, however, strategically it is best not to. When a player declares Mah Jongg, the exposures should be rearranged to match […]
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