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ID128-The National Mah Jongg League Card

Question: When does the annual card get created and when does it get mailed? I’m also curious as to how they come up with the new hands each year? Answer: The National Mah Jongg League publishes a new card annually. Following is a guide and timeline of when things happen: •August – November: A group […]
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ID25-Reading the Card

Question: What do the colors on the card mean? Answer: The colors on the card represent how many suits are needed in the hand. It doesn’t matter which color represents which suit. If there are two colors shown, it means that you can choose any two of the 3 suits. Always read what is in […]
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ID5-Why the League Issues Cards Annually

Question: Why does the National Mah Jongg League issue a new card each year? Answer: When Mah Jongg was first imported to America in the early 1920s, a group of Mah Jongg enthusiasts in New York standardized the rules for their sisterhood. As time went on, other synagogues wanted to do the same thing so […]
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