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ID93-Wall Game

Question: What is a Wall Game? Answer: A wall game occurs when all tiles have been exhausted and no one has declared mah jongg. There are several theories as to why a wall game might occur.  A few reasons might be that beginner players might hold onto tiles people need throughout the game or experienced […]
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ID17-Defensive Playing

Question: What exactly is defensive playing in Mah Jongg? Answer:  Defensive play in any game means not letting the other team or player win. When it comes to Mah Jongg, it is essential to know when to play defensively. Many defensive strategies will be discussed throughout Mahjpedia. To access the entire volume of strategies, from […]
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ID11-Strategy, Beginning, Middle and End Game

Question: Are there different strategies used during the beginning, middle or end of a game? Answer: There are no two players that will play Mah Jongg in an identical manner. Each player will adopt their own style and see their tiles differently than the next. When strategy is implemented into Mah Jongg it provides a […]
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