Andrew Keeler

Andrew Keeler, The Kat With The Hat, grew up in San Diego with the sound of the mah jongg tiles but did not take up the game until many years later. After running a cookie shop in Amsterdam, teaching English in Istanbul and a few other adventures he returned to California and raised a family. The artistic sets, challenging rules, and social aspects brought him back to the game. After learning from his wife, he took to the game and began teaching groups, hosting events, and collecting sets. 

A graphic designer based in San Francisco, Andrew has been traveling the country meeting the wonderful mahj community and playing tournaments, and scouring vintage shops for rare sets. In addition to the mahj addiction, he is an avid tennis player, lawn bowler, and recovering hot sauce collector.


I'm Speaking At

8:30 AM -
9:00 AM

Welcome and Keynote

Oasis Ballroom

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