Dara Mosher Collins

Dara grew up in New York and fondly remembers the sound of the mahjong tiles during her Mom’s weekly games. Despite learning to play while sitting on her Mom’s lap, Dara never took it up as a hobby. Fast forward several years, she started playing in a weekly game in South Florida and enjoys camaraderie and friendship.

When Dara’s friend Donna purchased a vintage set for herself after Donna’s mother passed away, it contained a somber-sounding dice coffin. Dara searched for a gift of upbeat mahjong dice with a Joker for Donna. When they couldn’t be found, Dara and Donna designed their first pair of custom Mahjong Dice™. They started selling Mahjong Dice™ which complements the beauty of both vintage and modern tiles on their website, Modern Mahjong. Soon, they created other mahjong gifts and accessories including dog and cat toys, a versatile gaiter mask/headband, East Wind Indicators, tile set indicators, a Replica Enrobed Mahjong set, and their exclusive game called Mahjinoes™.

Keeping players connected has been incredibly rewarding. Dara and Donna enjoy building an online Mahjong Community on Facebook, sharing rule and strategy posts, hosting virtual Tournaments, donating to charities, and connecting with players during Modern Mahjong Zoom Talks and Events.

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