Donna Miller Kassman

Donna was born and raised in Miami Beach. She did not grow up playing mahjong but rather played a lot of other games like Rummikub, cards, and backgammon. Donna had to quit practicing law to take care of her parents and children but was lucky enough to find time to learn how to play mahjong. 12 years ago, Donna joined her friends and neighbors who were learning to play mahjong at the temple and her passion for mahjong was ignited.

Donna purchased her first vintage mahjong set shortly after her mother passed away. The vintage mahjong set had very small dice contained in what is known as a dice coffin. This term was very upsetting to Donna since she has just lost her mother. Her friend, Dara Collins, looked to buy some pretty dice for Donna but could not find anything. She & Dara decided to design and make a few pairs of Mahjong Diceā„¢ and their business, Modern Mahjong, was born.

Donna is an avid collector of vintage mahjong sets and loves the history and artistry of mahjong and mahjong tiles. She lives in Hollywood, FL with her husband and 2 sons.

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Donna Miller Kassman