Fern Bernstein

Fern Bernstein was lured to the tiles eight years ago on a hot summer day sitting pool side. She saw some ladies sitting at a nearby table playing mah jongg. She noticed them laughing, smiling, and having fun. She turned to her friends and asked, “Hey, do you want to learn how to play mah jongg?” As they say…the rest is history. Fern was hooked and became part of the mah jongg craze sweeping Long Island in New York state. Mah jongg is so much more than just a game. It affected Fern in such a meaningful way she wrote Mah Jongg Mondays, a memoir about friendship, faith, and love. Fern’s love extended beyond the written word as she launched her podcast Mah Jongg Mondays in March of 2020, spreading her love of all things mah jongg related to eager listeners across the country and in twenty countries worldwide. Fern lives in Long Island with her husband and three sons.

Fern will be sharing news, views, and coverage of interesting people, places, and topics at MahjCon through her podcast and this website.

I'm Speaking At

8:30 AM -
9:00 AM

Welcome and Keynote

Oasis Ballroom

Opening ceremonies will begin with a welcome from our emcee. After a few words, our emcee will introduce our correspondent and then hand the mic over to our keynote speaker. ...


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Fern Bernstein