Save Time, Play More!

More than 14 years ago, we started our brick-and-mortar online store in a tiny garage in Los Angeles, CA. Then, after traveling in southern China a few years back, we noticed the popularity of the automatic table. Being a mahjong enthusiast from a young age, I was eager to introduce them to Americans.

While testing the market, the response from U.S. buyers was overwhelming. We knew that a table that shuffled tiles and built walls would save player’s time so they could enjoy playing more. Shortly thereafter, we began promoting and selling the table nationwide.

Most importantly, we tested many tables so that we could find a manufacturer to produce a quality product and one that is reliable. Since we knew we were not the first to bring this table to the U.S. reliability as well as competitive pricing had to be top priorities.

Our machine comes with 174 tiles and can be programmed to play the American version as well as others such as Hong Kong, Riichi, and Taiwanese. Customers can also choose from a 36mm tile up to a 40mm tile.

Usamjtable is now becoming one of the most trustworthy brand names on the market. And what we are most proud of is our outstanding customer service. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction to each one of our consumers.

Phone: 561-287-6525