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ID119-What is Mah Jongg?

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Question: What is Mah Jongg? Is it the tile matching game I’ve played for years online?

Answer: Mah Jongg is a strategic pick and discard game played with a set of 152 tiles. The object is to form a winning hand or a permitted variation as shown on the National Mah Jongg League card. The player who successfully completes a hand first achieves Mah Jongg and wins the game. The game encompasses various rules and intricacies, which can be readily explored by referring to the comprehensive Mahjpedia database.

The 152 tiles consist of the following:

  • 3 Suits, Bams, Craks, and Dots each numbered 1-9 consisting of 4 of each number, 36 tiles for each Suit, totaling 108 Suit tiles in all.
  • 3 types of Dragon tiles, Red, Green and White (Soap) consisting of 4 of each dragon totaling, 12 tiles in all.
  • 4 types of Wind tiles, North, East, West, South, with 4 of each totaling, 16 in all.
  • 8 Flower tiles
  • 8 Jokers

Source: Mah Jongg Made Easy, 2024, page 5

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