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ID176-Rolling the Dice, What to do

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Question: What happens if the two highest rollers have ten? If one of them rolls a three and the other an eight but someone other than these players had rolled a nine, do they become East?

Answer: The situation described involves determining the East player in Mah Jongg based on the highest rolls among the players. In this scenario:

Player A rolls a 7.
Player B rolls a 5.
Player C rolls a 10.
Player D rolls a 10.

When two players (Player C and Player D) tie for the highest roll, and no other player surpasses their rolls, these tied players roll again to determine who becomes East. The one who rolls the highest among these tied players in the reroll becomes the East player.

Therefore, regardless of the initial rolls from Player A and Player B, the outcome for determining East relies on the reroll between the tied highest rollers, Player C and Player D. The highest roll among Player C and Player D in the reroll establishes the new East player.

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