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ID179-Fresh Tile Strategy

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Question: What exactly is a “fresh” tile?

The term “Fresh Tile,” coined by Debbie Barnett, refers to a tile that a player has never passed during the Charleston or has yet to be discarded. The strategy behind discarding these “Fresh Tiles” early in the game lies in the advantage it offers.

By getting these tiles out of your hand early, it becomes more challenging for opponents to call them for exposure. Forcing opponents to expose their tiles early can be advantageous, particularly if there’s a possibility of exchanging a tile for a Joker.

Once all your “Fresh Tiles” are gone, the strategy shifts to doubling up on tiles already on the table.

Many players, especially newer players, often hold onto tiles they believe others need from the game’s outset. However, holding onto these tiles can inadvertently work against your winning chances. As opponents build their hands, the longer you hold these tiles, the more advantageous their positions become. At some point, to remain competitive, you might have to discard tiles that were once “Fresh,” turning them into what is known as “Hot Tiles.” (See ID 181)

In summary, the key to success in Mah Jongg involves timely discarding of “Fresh Tiles” to weaken your opponents’ chances of winning, and not holding tiles for too long, which could potentially weaken your own hand and bolster your opponents’.

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