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ID142-5th Player Betting Rules and Payment

Question: How do you play with a 5th player (Bettor)? Answer: In a variation created by the National Mah Jongg League, a 5-player game is supported, often referred to as “playing with a bettor” or “5th player betting.” Here’s how it works: The game begins with four players seated at the table, while the 5th […]
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ID102-5th Player Bets on Earthly Hand

Question: Although it’s an exceedingly rare occurrence, what happens if East manages to have a winning hand after the Charleston? Answer: In the highly unlikely event that East has a winning hand after the Charleston, it is considered a self-picked hand, and its value is doubled.  This is also known as an “Earthly Hand.” If […]
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ID100-The Bettor Forgot to Bet

Question: What happens if the bettor forgot to bet? Answer: When a bettor forgets to place the bet either in writing or on a betting device, they must pay the winner just like the other players. This rule is not in Mah Jongg Made Easy Source:   National Mah Jongg League Bulletin Q&A 1987
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ID10-Important Rules for Bettors

Question: Can a bettor communicate with the players during a game? Can a bettor change their bet once a game has started? Answer: No, it is strictly prohibited for a bettor to engage in any form of communication or interference during an ongoing game. Once a bet is placed, it cannot be modified or changed […]
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