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ID175-Simultaneous call for Mah Jongg

Question: What happens when two players call the same tile for Mah Jongg? Answer: When two players call the same tile for Mah Jongg, the player next in turn gets the tile. However, there is an exception to this rule. If two players call the same tile for Mah Jongg, and one of them has started to […]
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ID85-Penalty for Discarding the Winning Tile 

Question: What is the penalty if I discard the winning tile to another player? Answer: If you are not playing for points or money, there is no penalty for throwing the winning tile. However, becoming a strong and defensive player means knowing when not to throw an obvious winning tile to a player and when […]
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ID58-Process After a Player Declares Mah Jongg

Question: What happens once a player declares Mah Jongg? Answer: Once a player declares Mah Jongg, all players must wait to verify the player’s Mah Jongg is valid before tossing in their hand. This will avoid another player’s hand from being declared dead. Finally, congratulate the winner! Source:  Mah Jongg Made Easy 2024 page 30, […]
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