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ID165-Exchanging Jokers From Your Own Rack

Question: Do I have to announce that I am doing a joker exchange from my own rack? Answer: There is no rule that states a player must announce a joker exchange from their own rack. However, the NMJL does recommend one doing so as a courtesy. Source: 2023 National Mah Jongg League Bulletin Q & A   […]
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ID92-Joker Exchange and Calling a Discard

Question: Can I do a Joker Exchange before or after I call a discard for an exposure and then add the Joker to my exposure? Answer: The Joker Exchange would take place after you’ve picked up the called tile. The exposure must be able to be completed without the help of the Joker. In other […]
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ID84-Commitment to a Joker Exchange  

Question: Can I change my mind once I’ve done a Joker Exchange? Answer: Once a player receives a joker after it is replaced with the same symbol tile, the exchange cannot be reversed. They have committed to the exchange.  This ruling is not found in Mah Jongg Made Easy. Sources:  National Mah Jongg League Bulletins […]
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ID78-Reasons to Call a Player’s Hand Dead

Question: What are the reasons a player’s hand could be declared dead? Answer:  These are the most common reasons a player’s hand can be declared dead: A player makes an incorrect exposure A player exposes tiles and it is obvious that based on the exposures there is no viable hand on the card. A player […]
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ID66-Steps When Doing a Joker Exchange

Question: Is there a process to doing a Joker Exchange Answer: Here are the steps for proper etiquette during a Joker Exchange from another player’s rack: Announce your Joker Exchange to the receiving player by asking politely, “May I have your Joker please?” Hand your natural tile to the receiving player and let them hand […]
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ID65-Exchanging Jokers from a Dead Hand

Question:.  Can Jokers be exchanged from a hand that’s been declared dead? Answer: Jokers in valid exposures before a hand is declared dead are still available for a Joker exchange.  Jokers in incorrect exposures at the time a hand is declared dead, whether noticed right away or later in the game, are returned to the  […]
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ID48-Joker Exchanges Are Optional 

Question: The other day, I strategically did not do a Joker exchange. Another player made a big deal out of it as if I’d made a mistake. Is there a rule that requires me to do a Joker exchange? Answer: There is no requirement to do a Joker exchange. In some cases, a player may […]
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